Upper Michigan

Love This
Spacious Home
with those
Marsh Marigolds
White Trilliums
Sugar Maple
Rocky Bluffs
Water Falls
Rising Trout
Great Lakes
Sand Beaches
Camp Fires
Bike Paths
Back Roads
Wild Berries
Green Forests
Golden Rod
Loon’s Call
Beavers Dam
Paper Birch
Orange Sunsets
White Pines
Apple Trees
Fall Colors
Tamaracks Yellow
Ruffed Grouse
Deer Rubs
Acorns Fall
Ducks Raft
Ice Forms
Northern Lights
Wood Smoke
Farm Homes
Tree Lines
Wood Piles
Kromer Hats
Boot Liners
Wool Pants
Sauna’s Heat
Church Bells
Pot Lucks
Spaghetti Feeds
Egg Bakes
Cinnamon Toast
Hot Coffee
Ski Slopes
Snow Shoes
Skating Rinks
Wind Drifts
Days Lengthen
Snow Melts
Sap Flows
Fiddleheads Sprout
Sun Climbs
Spring Flowers!

MTA Poet Laureate, Jim MildrenJim Mildren is the longtime manager of the Gogebic County Transit system in Ironwood, Michigan at the westernmost point of the Upper Peninsula. He is an avid outdoorsman, bicyclist and runner and enjoys writing about nature and the world around him. Jim traditionally reads a new poem or two at every state transit convention he attends and is considered the Poet Laureate of the Michigan Public Transit Association. He and his lovely wife Ellen reside in Ironwood and have two grown children and a grandson out-of-state who they love to visit whenever possible.

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