My Wild U.P.

A gravel bar beach between rocks on a stream
That flows thru a forest of lichen and moss.
The waters – ice cubed and so perfect and clean
Like dew on a web or a window of frost.
Water pools on the way, maybe snow in the shade
A branch lies there broken – it buds but no leaves.
Earth, water, sun equals life being made
A hidden place, untamed, with a beauty that breathes.
A ruffle of feathers – green shoots from a fern
Old whispers of wind that pass under a log.
Brown bark edged with black from a lightning burn
Time moves slowly on in the ooze by the bog.
The scent of a pine grown close to the lake
Boughs dancing so slowly – wind – rows on the blue.
All belonging together like layers of cake
The reason frogs sing – being part of the crew.

Author’s note:
Praise God – so much to be thankful for!

MTA Poet Laureate, Jim MildrenJim Mildren is the longtime manager of the Gogebic County Transit system in Ironwood, Michigan at the westernmost point of the Upper Peninsula. He is an avid outdoorsman, bicyclist and runner and enjoys writing about nature and the world around him. Jim traditionally reads a new poem or two at every state transit convention he attends and is considered the Poet Laureate of the Michigan Public Transit Association. He and his lovely wife Ellen reside in Ironwood and have two grown children and a grandson out-of-state who they love to visit whenever possible.

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