You came into my life
So many years ago
A glance, a smile, a moment
So little did I know.

Meeting you in downtown Ironwood
A favorite place to be
Soon turned into something else
You – had already chosen me.

I tried to hang with my old friends
A merry life – so free
Until the night I missed you so
You came and rescued me!

You must have liked a challenge
A project so too speak
The hours spent together
Turned into days and weeks.

It must have been like lifting weights
Or polishing rocks with grit
So many faults but you had time
With strong will you pulled the bit.

Some times I screamed, enough – enough
But not for long or loud
Cos next a home and children came
All things that made me proud.

We survived thru all life's wind and storms
Blown away – but not apart
From year to year and day by day
I can always feel your heart.

Together partner we had our trials
You and me dear ­from the start
It's been so true since first we met
I will always feel your heart!

MTA Poet Laureate, Jim MildrenJim Mildren is the longtime manager of the Gogebic County Transit system in Ironwood, Michigan at the westernmost point of the Upper Peninsula. He is an avid outdoorsman, bicyclist and runner and enjoys writing about nature and the world around him. Jim traditionally reads a new poem or two at every state transit convention he attends and is considered the Poet Laureate of the Michigan Public Transit Association. He and his lovely wife Ellen reside in Ironwood and have two grown children and a grandson out-of-state who they love to visit whenever possible.

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